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"What you once thought to be pointless, may one day come to have meaning."

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dreaming away.

I am laying in my room and the most random thoughts are coming to me and I thought I should share.  Life is such a beautiful existence.  It's disappointing that the silliest of things can irritate us or lead us to be arrogant.  I know I have my moments when I am a bit over emotional.  One thing I always think about is my family.  They are wonderful and have such a positive impact on my life.  I live in a great area and have so much opportunity.  Why are there times when I am complaining or getting frustrated over the dumbest of things.  I myself want to work on taking in all of the positivity that surrounds me.  By doing this I can remain at a calm happy level inside and out.  I have been blessed to have such wonderful events and people be a part of my life.  Without the greatness of the world I wouldn't be the person I am today.  I hope everyone out there has some time to think about the most important things in the world.  Wake up tomorrow and grasp them.  All of the nonsense you used to make a huge deal about will fade and the joyous energy will surround you and put a smile on you and those that surround you. Have a great night and day tomorrow everyone.  XOXO

~thought from Marlene

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