Quote of the Day!

"What you once thought to be pointless, may one day come to have meaning."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fringe with a hint of tint!

  I went to the movie "Friends with Benefits" today.  I love that movie and would be interested in going again!  I found an old fringe bag tucked in my closet and thought it would be perfect to use today. I threw it over a lace top and pink vest, both of which I purchased at Forever 21.  To add a little height to myself and something more to my outfit I put on a pair of cheetah wedges.  I have learned to check through my old belongings every so often because you never know what treasures may be hidden.  :)  

Also tonight I am going to try and improve the design of my blog.  So please continue to follow and keep up with my style, food, and life.  <3  Yours Truly, Marlene