Quote of the Day!

"What you once thought to be pointless, may one day come to have meaning."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cupcake Galore!

This weekend my roommate celebrated her 21st!  I decided to try something new and make tye-dye'ish cupcakes!  All you have to do is separate the batter into different containers and dye each container a different color.  Then you layer up the different batter when you put them into the cupcake paper.  And WALLLLA! You have colorful and fun cupcakes!  I used lemon frosting and regular white funfetti frosting and I just dyed them fun colors too keep the theme going.  This is a great way to create your own cupcakes that look and taste amazing!!! =D

Friday, April 8, 2011


I recently did a shoot with a friend who is starting photography.   Do u like the look? I definitely had a lot of fun and love how the pictures turned out!  And also I made my shorts. They were actually levi pants and i cut them off to the length I wanted and used a sandpaper block and was able to add some holes for a destroyed look.  I definitely saved a lot and created something I am in love with.  Look through what you have because you can always use that imagination and do incredible things with your belongings!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Open Back Monday :)

Today I am wearing an open back top that I love! It's so comfy and cute and works great for me today because I am extremely lazy ;)  One thing I have yet to purchase is an open back dress.  I was just browsing Urbanoutfitters.com and came across some.  The first one is a sparkle and fade knit bow dress and the second is a Pins and Needles Bow-Back sweater dress! I adore them and really like the bows!  What do you guys think about the open slit in the front of the Dolce Vita Marina dress? Yay or Nay?